Box Critters Codes


Latest codes for 2021 for Box Critters  are provided on our page. For instance, all the codes are 100% working and valid for usage. Moreover, the codes are valid till a short period of time. Try to make use of these before they get expire. As you can redeem a lot cool stuff for you game with these codes. However, Roblox Box Critters all codes are listed on this page.

Furthermore, with these codes for Box Critters you can redeem exclusive gifts and incredible stuffs. On the other hand, when other players try to lead ahead at some stage in the game, those codes make it easy for you.

Therefore, you could reach where you want leaving others your behind. Defeat you enemies and master the game. So, don’t wait more, the codes will expire soon. GO!!

Box Critters Codes


Checkout the codes for Box Critters 2021 here. All the codes are active and verified by the users for redemption. Therefore, make sure that you use up all the codes before these get expire. Because you will never know when the codes vanish.

  • Pink Pirate Captian: use the code /glitter
  • Doctor mask: use the code /staysafe
  • Silver Cardboard Sword: use the code /boxcrittersguild
  • Red Viking Helmet: use the code /rocketsnail
  • White Doll Hat: use the code /thankmom
  • Green Brain: use the code /wikicritters
  • Coloured Paper Hat: use the code /boxcritterswiki
  • Cardboard Sword: use the code /boxcrittersguild
  • Raven Wings: use the code /scarletraven
  • Green Headphones: use the code /discordcrittersPT
  • Pink Duck Floatie: use the code /duckhunter
  • Australian Hat: use the code /redcross
  • Black Headphones: use the code /livestream
  • Blue Propeller Cap: use the code /creative
  • Red Bandana: use the code /boxcrittersguild
  • Pink Propeller Cap: use the code /fun
  • Aviator Goggles: use the code /forumcritters
  • Red Keytar: use the code /marco
  • White Hoodie: use the code /snowball
  • Pink Ballcap: use the code /critbits
  • Yellow and GreenKit: use the code /esporte
  • Orange Hoodie: use the code /squeeze
  • Rocket: use the code /rocketsnail
  • Cardboard Box: use the code /imagination
  • Silver Propeller Cap: use the code /sparkle
  • Black Plaid Shirt: use the code /darkmode
  • Blue Snorkel: use the code /adventure

Consequently, few codes are cases sensitive so be careful when you apply these codes. Errors may occur. So, avoid mistakes to redeem codes.

However, if you find that any of the codes above are not working then kindly report that code. You can use the comment box to mention that code and we will rectify the list.



The following codes are no longer available for redemption. So, do not waste you time in redeeming such codes. You will not recieve any rewards.

  • 1 Year Anniversary Suit: use the code /happy
  • 1 Year Anniversary Hat: use the code /birthday
  • Blue Gift Hat: use the code /boxcritterslive
  • Purple Pie: use the code /piday
  • White Headphones: use the code /discordcritters2k19

Additionally, we will add more codes soon. Once the new codes are out for redemption we will post them in the article.



The following steps will help you out in the redemption of codes. However, you just need to follow the steps and learn how you can redeem codes in just a few seconds. Moreover, if you are new to this redemption and all, you can surely take advantage of the instructions given below.

  1. First of all, look for the codes button and click on it.
  2. After that a new window will open. Here you will enter the codes.
  3. Secondly, type/copy the codes in the blank text space carefully without any mistake.
  4. Thirdly, click on redeem button and claim your rewards.


If you still find any issue, please check that you are using a correct code that is valid for redemption. Also, do check that you have entered the codes without any mistake.

LASTLY, enjoy the game and feel free to share your views with us. Use the comment box to mention the issue and we will surely look for the solution.

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