GetUpside Promo Code

GetUpside is a mobile app that offers you a cashback at certain ga stations. To use the app find a station near you and claim their offer. They also offer deals with restaurants and grocery stores near you. It saves you money at the gas station every time you buy fuel using the app. Use the latest active promo code to get upside down and save more on your gas filling. This free app will give you free money back for your gas up to 25cent/gallon.

GetUpside Promo Code

GetUpside Promo Codes July 2022

Want to save money on gas? Use getupside promo code at gas stations to save more on your gas filling. It connects you with drivers from nearby stations to offer discounts on each fill-up.

  • Get an extra 15% cashback per gallon at getupside when you use TDU4W.
  • Use code QBCKX and get an extra 15 cents per gallon for new customers at getupside.
  • GetUpside promo code 5GC9T gives $7 off on your gas filling. You can get up to 55 cent credit per gallon by using this promo code.
  • Use promo code RAMESH863 and get an extra 20 cent gal bonus cash back per gallon at GetUpside.
  • GetUpside promo code WFM8U will give you a 20 cent gallon on your first fill up.
  • Use promo code DEVIN9263 and get a $35 cent gallon bonus at your gas filling.
  • Apply the promo code 8T2YW and get 20ยข gallon cashback by using getupside mobile app.
  • Use promo code 7WGD5 and get 15 more cents per gallon for a total savings of up to 40 cents per gallon on your first gas fill-up at getupside.
  • Get the 20 cents off per gallon by using promo code 20K20 and enjoy the savings.
  • Apply the promo code 20KPROMO at getupside and get 5 cents off per gallon on your gas filling.
  • Use promo code 9T3M3 and get up to 45cents per gallon cash back on fuel purchase from a gas station. By using this promo code you will get 15% cashback on grocery purchases and 25% cash back at restaurants.


GetUpside referral program

Every time you share the GetUpside app with friends and family earn some extra cashback at the same time. Share your unique referral code to refer people to use the GetUpside mobile app. This referral program has two components to earn cashback and bonus.

  • First time Bonus

By sharing your unique referral code with new users and you will each get a bonus for the first time they get gas-filled. To get the bonus your referral must purchase $10 or more gas to successfully receive the cashback on referral.

  • Per Gallon Earnings

After using a unique referral code once they become the GetUpside user you will also get a bonus for every gallon of gas they buy in the future using the app. Also, get a bonus each time one of their referrals get gas. Encourage your friends to bring more friends to earn more bonus.

You would earn $1 from your direct referrals and $5 from your indirect referrals at GetUpside.


How to Apply GetUpSide Promo Code 2022?

To enter the promo code in the GetUpside app click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.

  • A menu will appear after clicking. Click on the profile icon shown.
  • There is a section on the profile screen to add the promo code. Click the edit to add a promo code and tap the finished icon once you finished.



Looking for the money-saving option at the gas station? Download the GetUpside cash back app and stack up some extra savings using this app. Use the GtUpside promo code and save cents on your fuel purchase. Take advantage of referral codes offered to you and save more on gas. With this free cash back app, users can save an average of $124 a year. You have to make your purchase with a debit or credit card to earn cashback with GetUpside.

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